Contract manufacturing of liquid and powder detergents in Budapest

Production of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting products

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From the idea to the readymade product, we design, process and produce your own liquid detergent, be it detergent for clothes washing, washing-up liquid, cold degreaser, or disinfectant. down-arrow

Contract manufacturing with stable background

You wish to appear on the market with your own private labelled detergents or with other types of products of the chemical industry? Choose the more than 20 years of experience of Brilliance and the stable background that is needed for production. According to your plans, we can fill bottles from 0,5l up to 20 litres cans economically. Tell us what you need.

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Why choose Brilliance?

Because we have been producing, packaging, and delivering the highest quality industrial and household detergents since 1995. We have about 80 types of private labelled products, 120 types of different packaging, and after two decades of contract manufacturing, we know exactly what is needed to make your plans come true. Be it recipe, licences, or packaging, you can count on Brilliance. In addition, environmental awareness is very important to us, so we have developed a completely new ECO line that is unique in Europe. So, if someone wants to contract manufacturing with us, we are available for this as well.

Beside our internal high quality requirements, we produce detergents and do all our activities in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental protection standards.

What is the process of contract manufacturing?

As the first step, we invite you to a personal or an online meeting, where we can get to know each other and you can tell us your plans in detail. In the next step, we elaborate the most appropriate recipe, production technology, even the whole brand from the label to the packaging -according to your needs- for you. We prepare our offer, and if you accept it, our cooperation can start immediately.

What is needed for production?

It depends solely on your ideas. In case you already have a recipe, detailed plans, and the experience to facilitate access to the market, then our only job will be production and packaging. If you come from another branch of industry, or you need professional help, or you do not want to waste your valuable time on administration, then we provide help through the whole process, including the preparation of recipes and getting licences.

What costs should you calculate with?

First, the quantity of work performed, the additional value determines the price. The price is also influenced by the built in raw material given by us and the quality and quantity of the packaging material.

What are our deadlines?

This also depends solely on your plans of your private labelled products. If everything is given for production, we can complete your order within a few weeks, while in case of preparing a completely new product, the process will take longer. We can specify deadlines only after knowing your plans.

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What kind of licences will you need?

The factory has to suit the regulations of National Public Health and Medical Office Service (NPHMOS), Fire department, National Directorate General for Disaster Management - Ministry of the Interior, Environment and Water Management, the local government, and special local regulations. The factory of Brilliance already has all the necessary licences. In case you would like to produce, you will need licence of National Public Health and Medical Office Service (NPHMOS), while the products will need licence of National Institute of Chemical Safety, Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO), National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science (NIFNS), and based on the product it might need further licences and examinations. To get these without trouble you can ask for our help.

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We accept

  • The production of high quality products.
  • The packaging from 0,5 litres bottles to 20 litres cans. We can solve larger packaging as well.
  • We can produce detergents that require warm technology, like: soaps, different emulsions, easing the dissolution of hardly dissolving raw materials.
  • We make our products of sterile water under 10 microns, which assures continuous quality.
  • We accept the production of large quantities as well, since we do the packaging and filling with machines.